Positively Nerdy #97 – Comics With Catch-Up

monsteronthehill_lgIt’s time to once again go back and get caught up on comic goodness with Comics With Catch-Up!  In this episode we’re taking a look at Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell!

It’s been far too long since I featured an all-ages title on Comics With Catch-Up.  I am constantly preaching, usually in my comic review episodes, that all-ages does not simply mean ‘for kids’.  All-ages means exactly that: all ages will enjoy the story.  In the past few years we’ve seen a significant rise in quantity as well as quality of all ages stories including Mouse Guard, Super Dinosaur and Cow Boy – just to name a few of my favorites.  Now a new story has joined that list, thanks to creator Rob Harrell.  His new graphic novel Monster on the Hill, is a delightful tale of friendship and self-discovery.  In a very different 1860’s England every town is terrorized by its own monster.  These monsters are a great source of pride for their towns – except one.  Rayburn wants to be the monster his town needs, he just doesn’t know how.  It’ll take the help of his new, unlikely friends to help him save his town from a great threat.

Harrell’s story is charming from start to finish with delightful and engaging characters starring in a clever concept.  Monster on the Hill is worthy addition to the recent increase in all-ages comic books and on that delivers a fun, page-turning adventure with the style and energy of a Pixar film.

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