DonaldvacaPosterWelcome to Positively Nerdy…..but nobody’s here!

I’m taking a few weeks off to start the summer.  There’s plenty of content to get caught up on while you eagerly await my return! (And if you’re all caught up, tell your friends what they’re missing!)

See you in a few weeks nerds!

Bloodline-coverWelcome to the Nerdy Nugget!  In this episode, I try something new – a book review!  So join me in this short episode as I try to explain if you’re one of the people that should read Star Wars: Bloodline!
(Hint: You are!)


Welcome to Positively Nerdy! It’s time to once again discuss all things cinematic with the latest installment of ‘Ryan and Leah: At the Movies’!


TMNT-57_Cover-RegularWelcome to Positively Nerdy!  Ryan and Suine are back for another installment of the Radical Corner of Turtle Comic Talk!  This time the boys wrap-up Batman/TMNT with a discussion on the 5th and 6th (and final) issue of the crossover.  Then it’s on to the ongoing series and the middle and conclusion of the Leatherface arc in issues 57 and 58!
Enjoy the turtle-tastic comic goodness!


DC RebirthWelcome to Positively Nerdy!  For the first time in a long, long time we have a comic book review episode, for comic that came out his week!  Believe it, true believers!  Too much was going on this week to ignore, so a trip to the local comics book store was in order.  There’s lots of reviewing, discussing and ranting.  Welcome back, if temporarily, to the weekly comic reviews!



Welcome to Positively Nerdy!  The often referenced John and Sara make their first appearance on the Positively Nerdy podcast.  We attended the Summer Preview Experience at our local theater – 38 trailers in a row!

Afterwards we went to the bar and discussed.  Enjoy!

(Fair Warning: Not as family-friendly as our shows usually are.)