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Welcome to Positively Nerdy!  In this episode we discuss lots a trailers, play a new game, and review Time Bandits and Pete’s Dragon!

News/Rumors: The Great Movie Ride closing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Game: Music of Movie?

Trailers: Rings, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan’s Journey, Yesterday’s Enterpise

Movies: St. Vincent, Time Bandits, Pete’s Dragon

NoMercyGameBoxWelcome to Positively Nerdy!  It’s time for more random, unplanned professional wrestling talk!  Taken from some pre-show chit-chat, Suine and Ryan go over a variety of random wrestling topics including: favorite wrestlers, fantasy booking HHH vs Macho Man, the Spin-a-Rooni, WWF No Mercy for the N64 and so much more!

Can you dig it, sucka?!?!?

The last time we randomly talked wrestling!

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Welcome to Positively Nerdy! It’s time to talk Wonder Woman! And if I’m talking about the Amazon Princess, you know I’m going to be joined by Sina Alvarado! Sina is on leave from the Ten Forward Podcast to discuss the issues 1-3 of the new series, as well as the Rebirth special. We discuss another go at the origin, the spectacular creative team and the ups and downs of the split number story arcs.
Oh, and Sina finally watches the Wonder Woman trailer!

IMG_2688“Were you born and raised in New Jersey,

Did you like the taste of Crystal Pepsi?”

That’s a line from The Bloodhound Gang song, ‘Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brians Out)’.

Charming, right?

Bloodhound Gang songs are relentlessly filled with an erratic assortment of pop culture references and juvenile sexual innuendo.  That particular lyric is meant as an insult and has stuck with me since first hearing that song in high school.  Because high school is when songs by The Bloodhound Gang really appeal to, well, someone like me.

But also because I DID like the taste of Crystal Pepsi!

Even now, I remember the introduction commercial that featured Van Halen’s ‘Right Now’.  I remember the comments people would make about how absurd and bizarre they thought the notion of clear Pepsi was.  As if it was some sort of abomination against the very laws of nature.  I have very vivid memories of these discussions taking place on the sidelines at a soccer game and in a grocery store, likely while buying Crystal Pepsi.  I remember buying it and drinking it.  Drinking a lot of it.  I remember listening to people tell me how terrible it was and thinking that, obviously, they were the crazy ones.

IMG_2692Part of the reason I can remember all of this so well is that Pepsi has always been my preference between the two pop/soda/whatever heavy-hitters of Pepsi and Coca-Cola.  Always.  From the days of Ray Charles telling me that I had “the right one baby, uh-huh!”, to Cindy Crawford (and Cindy Crawford turning into Rodney Dangerfield) and through college where I typically preferred Diet Pepsi to beer and found it difficult to play video games without a cold can or 20oz sitting next to me to swig from during load times or between races/plays/getting killed.   It was all Pepsi until I finally gave up on pop completely nearly three years ago.

I felt I had to stop.  Diet Pepsi was like the Nectar of the Gods and I took it in the way most people take in air.  I drank a lot of Diet Pepsi.  I spent a lot of money on Diet Pepsi.  It really was a problem.

So last year when word came out that Pepsi was bringing Crystal Pepsi back, I became very excited.  But also nervous.  Would it taste as good as I remember it tasting as an impressionable youth?  Had I built it up too much since it first came out and I was defending it against soccer spectators and grocery store employees?  Since I stopped drinking pop so long ago, would I even be able to tell the difference?  Could I even appreciate it as the unique offering that it was now that I’ve all but forgotten how insanely awesome and delicious pop truly is?

Either way, I wasn’t about to wait around to find out.  I wasn’t going to sit back and let everyone else have all the fun.

Monday morning I went into a Meijer grocery store and bought two 20oz bottles of Crystal Pepsi.  Why two?  I figured I needed one as a primer.  One to get my taste buds used to pop again and another to provide a larger sample segment.  After all, this is serious stuff!

IMG_2696As soon as I got into my car, I opened the bottle see-through carbonation and gave it a try.

I recently tried the newly re-released Ecto-Cooler and was blown away by how much it took me back to my childhood.  I can’t say that Crystal Pepsi gave me the same, immediate reaction.  But it sure came close!  The feeling of delicious, but not quite right, flooded my mouth.

Did it always taste that much like cream soda?  Does it now?  Do I even know what I’m talking about?

I’m not worried about slipping back into another era of constantly guzzling Pepsi products, so that might be a point against it.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed drinking those 20ozs of ‘invisible’ Pepsi.  It was sweet, bubbly and fantastically unique.  I said it in 1992 and I’ll say it again now, you’re crazy if you don’t like this stuff!

Keep in mind I haven’t had pop in nearly three years, so how much of my reaction is due to that, as opposed to the actual power of Crystal Pepsi?  Try it and decide for yourself!

But let’s be honest, even if Crystal Pepsi was terrible (and your opinion expressing that very notion is fine!) it’s not about the taste, or even the beverage itself.  It’s about the nostalgia.  Its the fact that something from my childhood, that I remember being awesome, has returned!  Throw it along side Surge and Ecto-Cooler as welcome and surprising returns and let’s hope those 90’s vibes are strong enough to have Josta and Doritos 3-D (and don’t tell me that there currently are 3-D Doritos, what you’re referring to is an abomination and not anywhere close to the original!) showing up on store shelves next!

Hey, it’s your tomorrow….

nn 22 CARDWelcome to another Nerdy Nugget!  This Nugget is all about the newly announced Guardians of the Galaxy attraction coming to Disney’s California Adventure!  There will be some broken hearts though as the new attraction with be replace the The Hollywood Tower Hotel Tower of Terror attraction.  But we thing there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about this new state of the art attraction that finally brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a Disney Park within the United States!

Be sure and share your reaction, thoughts and opinions with us!